Monday, November 2, 2009

What the day brings...

Well, it is Halloween again...what will Z wear??? Sometimes I am o together & have everything all figured out, and then there are times, like this year, when it's 4:00 and I am thinking of what I can pull together for a costume! With my thinking cap on and creative juices flowing...I stumble upon an idea that makes me proud! So... what can you make out of diaper boxes, silver cord, & scrapbooking paper, you ask??? 

My Sweet Little RUBIX CUBE!!! This was one of the quickest & easiest costumes I ever made! Just a staple here & a staple there...and you have it!

It was a wonderful night with just a tiny nip in the air. Z had a pretty good time! She was a little scared of some houses that were decorated & some costumes, but for the most part very willing to participate! 

Hope you had a Gobblin Good Time!!

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