Thursday, October 29, 2009

Helpful Information

So, just today I found myself confused at why some of my pictures were coming up blurry & fuzzy. When I checked my file on my computer they were as crisp as can be, and when I clicked on them in my blog, they were also crisp & clear..hmmmm?

After a few hours of research, I finally understand and now know how to fix it!!

So, if you have a picture that comes over looking like this one...

I have a way to fix it!

Once your picture is uploaded to your post...go the the "Edit HTML" tab and click it;
when this comes up, don't be alarmed, look for the /s200/ part of the format. Each picture will have one.

See the /s200/, change it to width="200", so it will look like this now ( /width="200"/ )Now this number could be anything from s200 - s1600, whatever the number is, keep that number, just change the format! Make sense?

So, when you change the format, your picture will look like this...

Do you see the difference in the picture? It is not as blurry!

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