Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Year in Review..

I downloaded the coolest program called Picasa 3. It is so cool all the things you can do to your photos. This Collage is of my baby girl. From her 1st birthday to just past her 2nd! What joy it brings me to see all the phases she has been through. I just love this feature!!!

Potty Time

So, Z has been so interested in getting on the toilet. A friend gave us a small toilet that sits on the floor & then we have a Dora one that goes on the toilet. Things have been pretty exciting! Multiple attempts in a day to go to the bathroom like a big girl! We have had a few successes and a few misses!! But to see the joy in her eyes as she sits pretty on the potty trying to go, just melts my heart.

She is getting so big! I knew this day would come, but I hoped it would be slower:0( Anyway, things are definitely moving along.

Happy Father's Day

One of the most precious gifts
From Heaven above
Is the gift of a daughter
For a Daddy to love.

-Dana Roberts Clark

Monday, June 8, 2009


Well did this work? It looks like it did. Thanks to Serena over at The Hermit of the Southern March. You really need to check out this story... amazing how things can travel! Anyway, Thanks a bunch for helping us all protect our photos!

Oh, this is Z with Granddad up at the cabin. She is just having a great time!!!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

This could take some time....

I first off want to thank anyone who reads my blog for my lack of posting. I am truly sorry. Things have been out of control. Just a warning...there will be quite a bit of catch up. Along with the catch up there will be pictures.... So, let's begin!

In my world right now there is knitting, gardening, sewing (or lack there of) a dress, and lots of reading. Oh, but where does one start to fill in the blanks....

Knitting has been a great passion for me. I learned 9 years ago. I haven't been able to shake this obsession. And, I don't want to. Sometimes I think I get to place in my knitting that I just need closure with certain projects. It's not that I don't love them anymore, but I need to just be done with them. In the last few months I have been steadily working on several things & I have finished almost all of them. I imagine the simplest way is for me to just label each project for you. So, here goes!

I began working on this vest for Z a few months back. I was making it for her 2nd birthday. While I thought I would never get through the 24 inches of knitting in stockinette stitch , I did, and I finished by her birthday!! I am so pleased how it turned out. It was even and everything lined up correctly!! HipHip Hooray!! Z love it. She knew it was for her & would look at it and be so interested in what I was doing. Once I finished it, she wanted to wear it all the time. And I mean all the time. She would wear it to church, to play in, sometimes to bed...and on and on. What could be better! Look at the grumpy face...

On to the next project that had been lurking around. A beautiful rectangle shawl. I had this Brooks Farm Harmony Yarn to use for something. I only had one skein, 500 yards. Hmm, what to make? A Scarf? A Hat? A Cowl? What to make? After searching books, and websites galore, I found it!! Carol's Clever Little Shawl. It has the sweetest border & these clever ties to hold the shawl in place. So I cast on & finished it rather quickly. Uh Oh, I hate it. By having these ties on each end makes me look even larger than I already am. So...I frogged it and started over. I loved the border so I just did the border on one side like the pattern shows. It turned out great. It is not really that long..but it will work. Now I just need to find a shawl pin!!

Some time ago I purchased yarn to make the Leisl. I fell in love with this pattern and could not wait to cast on!! I purchased some beautiful raw silk tweed. It had all these flecks of gold, brown, green & green I loved it. And was it soft! So, naturally I cast on. How lovely this is going to be. Suddenly, I realize after about 6 inches that there is no way this is fitting around by chest. I tugged and pulled and tried to force it over myself. Not working...Now What! I was so frustrated. I was on vacation anxious to get this going and had nothing else to knit, well except a pair of socks and a shawl that I will probably never finish. Arghhhhh. I guess I will have to buy some yarn to use. So, after a very long day at the yarn store, I found it! One of the softest yarns I have ever felt!!! Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Dyed Cotton. This was perfect. I quickly purchased enough yarn to make the Leisl and headed for home to cast on! Or so I thought...

This yarn was knitting up wonderfully, but I kept feeling like it to was never going to fit around me.... As I kept on knitting, my mind kept saying "who are you fooling, this is not going to fit you...stop knitting now!!", but I just kept on knitting. Finally, a good stopping point to test it out. ARghhhhhh it too was not going around me. It could not be the size, because I am doing the exact size that I am. So, after much resistance..I ripped it out. I need to do some research here on this pattern. Has anyone else run into this problem.

No, everyone else seems to have had no problem. What is wrong with me. Now I am getting frustrated. I have purchased to different types of yarn and no sweater even on the needles. Will I ever get this knit...yes. I am going to just knit it and see what happens. I love it & I will make it work.

So, in the meantime what will I knit you ask? Socks. Good old standby socks. So I cast on and knit socks on my least I have them with me!! They are wonderful I love the colors.

Wow, that is quite a bit of stuff. Now on to more exciting things. Just a couple little things I have been up to.

I purchased a new pizza stone. It has come in so handy. We make pizza quite a bit & it just is the best way to bake one!! Yumm.

While I am not the best at it, I do like to sew. I found some really colorful and vibrant seersucker fabric to make a dress for Z. I also found some awesome fold over elastic in great bright colors. So hopefully this dress will be finished soon. Don't ya just love the colors in everything!!!!

I think I need a drink from all this chatting...gulp, gulp, gulp. AHH, much better!

Books, Books, and more Books. I enjoy reading. Last night I finished The Yarn Harlot. Oh how Stephanie can make me laugh... A few other books I have been reading or am about to read.... Well, I will let the picture tell you!

Almost caught up...

The last thing I want to share is my garden! My husband spent several days building garden boxes for me. They are great. So, Sat. we loaded them up with peagravel, dirt, and compost. Then I planted!!! What an amazing thing to plant a garden and then watch it grow!! We planted tomatoes, peas, carrots, onions, radishes, peppers(hot & mild), lots of herbs, squach, zuchinni, califlower, broccoli, watermelon, lettuce, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and spinach. Yum!
Now we water & wait!!!!
Well, that was alot of information in one sitting. Hope I haven't bored you. I so much more to discuss, but that will just have to wait...Blessings to you!