Thursday, November 5, 2009

A tiny bite of Autumn...

I stumbled upon this recipe at Joy The Baker. Let me tell you how delicious they are... I don't even think I can tell you without drooling.. The hint of pumpkin with the chocolate chips, it's the perfect combination & then add a tiny bit of powdered sugar on top..Urgh...I will never lose weight! My 2 year old could not stop eating them or saying " These a nummy mommy, nummy". I had a MOPS meeting today and decided to take them... they flew off the plate. Go, buy the ingredients, come home &  make them, NOW!!!! They are so moist! I made the batter the night before & then baked them in the morning! Easy!

So, head over to Joy The Baker and copy down the recipe and gobble them up. How great would it be to have one of these on everyone's plate on Thanksgiving.. Yummy!


  1. *Drool!* I have lots of pumpkin in the cupboard and I need to bake. Hopefully this weekend I will accomplish just that!


  2. Serious drool. These seem like a perfect autumn treat. Thanks for sharing