Thursday, November 12, 2009


So, I am writing this post to share the bittersweet changes that are happening RIGHT NOW!! My husband works so very hard to provide for our family, it breaks my heart to see him struggle with the way the economy is. We are a very thrifty family & do not spend much money on extra things...( well, yarn of course). With the ups & downs of life...GULP, I have to get a job. I have been at my home with my daughter since 2 months before she was born... I love it. Freedom, flexibility, comfort, and joy! So, with all the crazy things happening... I found a job, a FULLTIME job. Yikes! I will be babysitting a 17 week old little boy at there home... ugh! Z will still be with me & I know that is the only thing that matters.. but to be away from my home 5 days a week, stinks.

Now, they are a wonderful family and are being very accommodating to myself & Z. They will allow me to go do errands, continue to have play dates, go to the library, stores, and the best things is they are willing to let me take him to MOPS!!!!!! Yeah! I know this will be a big adjustment for Z & I, but I know God has this all planned for his favor! I am trying to find out how to be organized and hopefully things will run smoothly. Any suggestions? I have not worked out of my home with Z ever!!

I imagine in the long run it will be fine! I won't be able to waste time at home on the computer all day when I should be doing chores.... boo hoo..., can really get my quiet time & Bible studies done,  I guess I will get quite a bit of knitting done, while he is sleeping or just playing.. that is good. This, I think, will force me to be disciplined to keep my home clean and in order, so when we return, there is nothing to do but spend time together. What about dinner... I won't get home until 5:40PM... Any suggestions? I was thinking crock-pot, and frozen meals....the only problem with frozen meals is they will have to be in the fridge all day & they still take up to 1hr to cook, sometimes. Yikes.... I suppose I will figure it out! I am a little concerned with Z, how will she do with this change?

This decision was mutual for my hubby & I, and I am so stressed out about it. He is so much more like -  no big deal, we will figure it out, and on to another conversation, and I am more like - oh my gosh, what about the dogs, Z, and what about the house chores, and what about dinner and the drive home, no computer!....   Get a Grip Eva! It is not the end of the world. Life changes happen to us all & I am trying to embrace this one! Thanks for listening


  1. Wow! Those are some big changes! I will keep you in my prayers -- that things will go smoothly and that Z will adjust quickly and well.

    Hmmm, I haven't worked out of the home in about thirteen years, so I don't think I'm much help. I do think the crockpot and frozen dinners will help though. You can even prepare your crockpot meal ahead, put it in the fridge and all you have to do in the morning is get it out, turn it on low, and dinner's done when you get home. I think you will find you're more organized simply because you have to be. If this is God's plan for you, it will all work out for His glory!

    Prayers and ((hugs!))!

  2. Thanks! It will be an adjustment, but just as you said....if it is God's plan it will work out for his glory! I appreciate the prayers & hugs... they are needed!

  3. Those are a lot of very big changes Eva, and I so appreciate you sharing them with us here. My husband and I have been talking so much about this, and we have actually been considering the exact same thing. It is hard, it is heart breaking, but I keep telling myself that no matter what happens, we will make it through.

    I will hold you in my thoughts

  4. Thank you so much! It is hard & I need to remember like you said Heather....we will make it through this tough time!!