Monday, September 21, 2009

Harvest Days

Harvest Time in Colorado. We headed down to a local farm to pick our own vegetables. At the end of the season they take you around there huge farm and pick your own food. It is a long day and hard work, but it is priceless. For $15 a head, you get TONS of vegetables...& I mean tons. I now just have to prepare it all for canning, and freezing, and eating, YUMMY!!!! We had a great time. Z did so well, no melt downs. It was the most beautiful day...big wide open blue sky and warm, maybe a little too warm.

As you can see lots of fun. Z's granddad & pop came along for the harvest. It was so great to share in this special day!

Look at all the produce!!! They had a petting zoo, playground, bicycle cart races, tractor rides, and a corn maze. I am amazed at the wonderful time we had.

Z had a blast. She helped harvest all the food. What a great time for her to learn where the food we eat comes from. She took so much pride in helping.....

I thank God for the wonderful harvest and the abundance of food to feed my family in the coming winter and spring months.

God's Blessing of food is marvelous.

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