Thursday, January 7, 2010

Reflections While Sipping Tea..

As I sit here sipping warm, eggnog, tea I am realizing how wonderfully blessed I am. God has again brought me through another year & phase in my life. When I look back over 2009, I see lots of changes, ups & downs, and many memories shared! What a great year! So many to reflect on, but I need to remember the one constant in my life, God. He has been faithful & true, loving & fair, gentle & kind, trustworthy & comforting. I thank him for all he has done & continues to do.

So, enough reflecting... How was your Christmas & New Year's? Mine was very eventful. Let me share. This year my family, was headed to Illinois for the Christmas Holiday. This would be the first, yes FIRST, time in 12 years that I have spent Christmas in my home town. BIG DEAL! Our plans were to leave on the 23rd, but we ended up leaving in a mad unorganized rush on the 22nd at 11:30 PM because of the weather... So hubby, child, myself, and our 2 dogs piled into the "sleigh" and headed east...What a Nightmare! The weather was horrible. Snow, rain, ice, took us 24 hours to get there, normally 14 hours, it stunk! But God was able to get us there safely. Once we arrived...the events began, well not really, just hanging out and knitting.. but it was nice. My parents home is decorated so beautifully, it is like a magazine, ahh. After many hugs and kisses, to and from, we made our way home 1 week later. What a wonderful time. I always have such a hard time leaving my family. My hubby doesn't get it. It is emotional for me, sniff, sniff...anyway

Some great gifts were given and received...want to see a few?

I did not do many handmade gifts this year, due to my lifestyle change...see a few posts back, but I had to do some. So...

For my dad...wool socks, & a stocking hat(that was an early one)

For my mom, a beautiful doily

For my grandma's a note card holder

For my sweet little Z a set of baby doll diapers w/ a diaper bag, and a stocking hat & mittens


As for gifts received, we all got many nice things, but the best "material" gift was Z's kitchen cupboard...just look at how cute it is... There are kitchen pots & pans, whisks & spatulas, an adorable tin tea set & the cutest apron. I just love it & so does Z.

Oh what a wonderful time... Until next Christmas

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