Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Greasy Fingers

As I sit here munching on greasy, salty, crunchy chips, I realize that my fingers get me into trouble during the day, when I am at home. I snack on unnecessary food. Why? Because I am bored. When I began watching another child, at their home, I found myself not wanting to snack and munch on food ALL DAY! In the process I think I may have started to shed some of the, much needed, weight!! Yippee. However, for the last three days I have been home with a sick little girl, and not doing much but caring for her, and trying to get some housework done, and yet I find myself binging...NOT GOOD. I have not done this since November, and now all the sudden being home for three days, I see the problem.

In light of this self discovery, I realize, I need to figure this out & fix it. Let's face it, age is affecting some of this, but mostly it's ME! I ask myself some questions too why this is happening & how to stop it... here we go:

Why do I eat when I am not hungry?
Sheer boredom & comfort

Why is it easy when I am not at home?

Because I have to take my food with me & I pack food that reflects a healthy lifestyle. Knowing I am not a healthy eater & in denial

How do I eliminate this problem?

Only keep healthy foods in the house & try to drink more water w/ lemon to curb appetite

Will this work?

Hmm, I am not sure but it is worth a shot

So, help me to get rid of the unhealthy foods that are in my home & encourage me to not bring them in again.

Now for the laziness of it all...I do not exercise & know that I should. I come up with every excuse out there. There really is no reason for the lack of exercise, I just don't do it. I nanny all day in a home & I have plenty of time to fit in in my schedule before or during work... take advantage of what opportunity I have!

So, I am taking on the challenge... The Ultimate Fitness Plan 2010 in the January issue of Women's Health Magazine.... It is an easy, realistic plan to get me motivated! I have signed up & now it is on! I have been saying I will do it for about 2 weeks...have I started? NO!

SO, will you make the effort with me or just encourage me to get off my lazy butt!

Please feel free to leave any encouraging words or tips!!


  1. We could hold each other accountable. I really really have to exercise too. I figure I should be able to devote twenty minutes a day. Eventually I may be able to move up to more, but for now twenty works. I walk -- either up and down our laneway or to a DVD. Anything more strenuous and I'll quit before I see any results.

    We can check in with each other on Fridays or whatever day of the week works. Let me know what you think. I know you can do it!!


  2. Hi Eva,
    This is the most PERFECT time to make some sacrifices. Lent starts on Wednesday and you can do just about anything for 40 days. So give it up! All the junk food and desserts. After 40 days you probably won't even want to eat the stuff anymore. Also, if you have cable or satellite TV, check out Namaste Yoga. It is super. I try to do it every day. Yoga really helps with toning and it does take the weight off too. I wish you the best.