Monday, October 12, 2009

A Praying Life..

I recently got a book to help me get back into prayer. It is hard to really commit yourself to praying daily, for specific things and for the things that truly matter. Growing up my parents were always big prayers. I can remember them getting together with a group from church and just praying... I am excited to take a journey to connect me more with God and start praying... If you would like to take this journey with me, the book I am reading is " A Praying Life" by Paul E. Miller.


  1. I'm trying to do the same. I'm reading a book called Listening for God by Marilyn Hontz.


  2. we really have so many distractions that take us away from the urgent. right now my heart is calling me into God's word and often, too often, i get busy with the "urgent" around me.