Friday, July 10, 2009

Time to Heal

Well, after about a week I am able to sit up an type for a few minutes. I ended up in the ER 1 week ago with horrible pain...ended up that I needed my appendix removed:0( SO...I have been laying in bed trying to heal. Thankfully my sister was out here visiting at the time and was able to stay a little longer to help. My mom is here now and will stay for another week.

Hopefully in about a week or so I will be back to normal. Thanks for everyone out there who has been praying for a quick recovery.

Stay tuned.....


  1. Sorry to hear you needed surgery, hopefully you are getting much better quickly! Take care. Any knitting while healing?

  2. Thanks for your thoughts! Unfortunately I haven't been able to do much. It has me in quite a bit of pain, but relief is on the way! Hopefully i will be back up an rolling in a few weeks!