Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Exciting new things

I decided to try my hand at dyeing some yarn that got a slight stain on it. I used the koolaid/ crockpot method. I turned out much brighter than I wanted...but I will find something to use it for. The process was very easy.
Materials needed:

Yarn, needs to be an animal product

10 packages of koolaid (less if you want it lighter, more for darker/brighter)

3 cups of water

1 cup of vinegar

crock pot large enough to hold yarn & water.

Make sure your yarn is in a hank. To do this wind it around a chair. Tie it loosely in four areas. Make sure it is not to tightYou want to be able to get a couple fingers under it.

Soak yarn in tub or sink of cool water. Do NOT move it around, this can shrink it. Gently press yarn under the water.

Combine water & vinegar, then add koolaid. Stir until completely dissolved. Pour into crock pot & place yarn in crock pot.

Carefully lift the yarn out of the water & squeeze out the water. Place in the crock pot & press into the solution. Add mor vinegar solution to immerse completely if needed. Turn crock pot to low & cover. Leave this for about 30 minutes. After about a half hour, check the yarn to see if it is accepting the dye. Lift the yarn where you tied it. Be careful, it is HOT. Now leave it for about 3 hrs.

You will know when it is finished when all the dye is in the yarn. Then water will be clear again. Turn the crock pot off. & let the yarn rest until it is cool enough to handle.

Fill sink with water the same temp as the yarn and carefully place into sink. Gently push the yarn down several times then drain water and squeeze excess water out. Repeat this process a couple times. The water needs to be clear. Lay the yarn on a towel and roll it until all water is gone. Let the yarn air dry.

Mine smelled like koolaid for a few days..but it did go away.

Have Fun!

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